Our event is a three day camp-out event, which is all inclusive. With the purchase of your ticket you get five planned meals, two guest speakers, campfires with drumming and chants, two crafts, circle dancing, and three circle rituals. The camping fees are also included in the price. There are also games, and we do have random things that tend to pop up. All activities are planned to be done as a group, though some people do opt out of things and take it easy with some personal time. 

The only thing not included in our ticket price is the merchant’s row which runs on the Sunday and is our final item of the weekend, we tend to have snacks during the merchants row but it is not a planned meal.

You are responsible for bringing your own camping gear, as well as say bug spray/sun block...If you want extra food stuffs beyond what is provided you would be responsible for the care of it. We encourage people to bring their own chairs (we do have a good few, but nowhere near the numbers that attend +60 people) Also if you have a drum/rattle/musical item we encourage you to bring it/them, we do have a nice assortment of "fest" supplied drums and things for those who don't have. A side bonus would be if you know any chants or poems or even short stories that you would want to share with the group around our campfire, which we use as a sort of creative circle.

The fest itself will happen on a weekend closest to the summer solstice.

We send a mail-out upon payment that has the location with a map, the basic timeline including menu details, tickets, song sheets, as well as a few basic guidelines. We do ask that you include the names of the people you are signing up, as well as any dietary requirements if you have any.

If you were interested in setting up a booth at the merchants row we do not charge our merchants, and as a result ask that they bring their own tables, or supplies to set up. We have over the years had everything from handmade pottery, candles, jewelry, chain mail, crystals, altar boxes, and so much more...I personally encourage anyone to bring items to try sell, because as I said we don't charge our merchants, the only fee they have to pay is their ticket to the fest if they want to attend the weekend. (We do welcome merchants to arrive only on the Sunday!)


Tickets do not go on sale until April 1

Ticket costs are:

April 1-30

$70.00 per adult $55.00 per child

Plus a group rate offered to four or more people; $10.00 off each ticket purchased.

May 1-31

$80.00 per adult $65.00 per child

Group rate still on offer

June 1-12

$100.00 per adult $80.00 per child

No group rates.

we will no longer take new registrations for the year.
We do not offer a day only rate.


Hope this helps, if you have any other questions or comments, please feel free to contact us!


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